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Two heads are better than one

Have an idea... Not sure where to go from here?

Firstly as the New Year has started you may have had business ideas that you wanted to launch earlier but as 2015 slipped away you are thinking now has to be the time. And you are right. Some businesses are at their busiest so are time poor and in need of someone to come up with their marketing campaign (that is where I can help) and some are quiet. If you are in your quiet time then maybe now is the right time to put your ideas down on paper and start brainstorming. I can run through what you already have in place or written down or we can get our heads together and start with a fresh new plan. It is true two heads are always better than one especially when creativity comes into it. Being your business you can also be too close to the project and can easily miss what is right in front of you. That is where another's perspective and eyes can be very useful. Plus if you are unsure if your ideas will work it is good idea to run them through to someone in advertising, a close circle of people that will give you their honest up front opinion and family of cause because they have your best interests at heart. Just remember the other side of having too many chefs in the kitchen. So don't get too frazzled, take their valued opinions on but ultimately always get a professional to look at your ideas and take on the advice from your graphic designer, sign writer or advertiser who will know what WILL work for you while still taking into account your businesses vision and what you would like put in place.

In the past 24 hours I have had two clients come to me who are

1. Re branding their business and needed to know if they are doing the right thing changing their current business identity.

2. Starting a business that they had started putting together long ago but put on hold for various reasons.

We put our heads together, ideas were flowing and decisions were made. Yay! The outcome is both clients are positively excited to get into this New Year with a fresh look and are more than ready for business growth. And do you know, both clients were on the right track but just needed a few ideas thrown into the mix. A few changes and tweaks on what they already had in place and reassurance that their ideas will work and that they WILL stand out over others in their industry was all they needed to know to go forward.

If you too have any questions or are unsure if your direction in visual advertising is on the right track please feel free to call or email me.

All the best for this New Year ahead.

Kindest regards, Leah Sullivan



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