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Logo Design
Logo Design
Logo Design


LOGO DESIGN                                                                                                               STARTS AT $620+gst 



Initial consultation, image and branding research for your business and within your industry, up to 4 design concepts, small tweaks to design selected, final design and saved in various formats for you to keep and use as you please in .pdf, .jpg, .png, .ai and or .eps.

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Perfect for micro or small businesses needing a logo designed to roll out their in house stationery, uniform branding and signage 

EXTRA RESEARCH + DESIGNS                                                                           HOURLY RATE APPLIES

LOGO/BRANDING STYLE GUIDE                                                                                             $190+gst 

A .PDF guide that includes all the information about your newly created logo and its uses.

Font information, colour profiles, file types and correct usage in one easy to follow guide to compliment your design service. 

A MUST HAVE for any business when purchasing your logo that will be used on multiple mediums.

This will allow you to know and take the correct file to your suppliers and to guide you on how you should use your logo in its correct formats.



"Your image... It will be one of the best initial investments you will make to ensure the success of your business."



Q. Why is it so very important to start with a great logo


A. We are visual by nature so by having a new logo designed when starting your new business is vital.

Firstly you will get noticed in a positive professional light which will attract customers (more so the right ones). Starting off with the right image and following it through to all your business stationery, signage and marketing material (also known as business branding) will show your professionalism and create trust.  It will also help you to be easily recognised if your image is consistent and used on different advertising mediums in a clear sharp easily read format. This equals to success if you are easily remembered.

Customers will also be more likely to come through your doors if your image look right. You will come across approachable. It creates

interest and also reflects the quality or your products and service.

It will also serve you as a long term investment. You now have a recognisable image that will also be along side your trusted business name. This gives people reassurance and confidence to trust and use your services or products.

It is also something that will help you if you do decide to sell or franchise in the future. This is another road we can discuss in detail if and when you use our services. 

There is a no one size fits all way to brand your business or company. All are unique and have different needs and ways they too want to be seen. But a strong clear image that communicates well will get others interested to want to know more about what you have on offer. You need to take into account your businesses personality, style, attitude,and your work ethics because they are all stated in that one image so you need your design to be right first up. We tend to visually judge very quickly and make decisions on the spot why not take advantage of this fact by standing out and looking the part.


Q. What if I already have a logo

A. If you already have a logo and want to give it a freshen up we provide this service also.

You may want to make a few changes like updating the font, colours or just needing your image updated, redrawn and saved in the right formats to use on your existing marketing and office material. Just cleaning it up and getting it in line with what is fresh and modern will add so much more value and attract positive interest. I can guarantee that fact!


Q. So where do we start

A. Firstly you are welcome to contact me with any questions, 

Or alternatively click on the button 'Let's get Started' and we can get the process rolling.


 Hope to hear from you soon.

"We judge very quickly and make decisions on the spot.

Why not take advantage of this fact by standing out and looking the part".

"We make sure your well designed logo will be unique, work for your business, aimed at your market, suit your business type and be visually appealing to potential customers.

This visual presence will be a major part to your business success so we make sure we get this right first up. 

Hope to hear from you soon"