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What is that font?????

So many hours can be burnt up scrolling through the net trying to identify a type face. You exhaust the font sites, look through your sign programs list of 1000's, text your mates in the industry a photo with the hope someone recognises it and gets back to you ASAP with a name for this mysterious font, that by the way most times you know, may have used before but just can't quite put your finger on it. The frustration! And in just about every case you NEED IT NOW. Not in half an hour, not in an hour... Like right now or work can not be completed without this darn font. We have all been there.

Well years ago I remember using 'WhatTheFont,' and from memory also an add on in Flexi Sign, I think, but I used to find it slower than to actually just jump online to find it myself.

I do also like and use the feature of Google Images - upload an image feature. This has helped me many times with locating image sources and to find similar ones to utilise but it does not work with font identity. Maybe something the Google development team should look at adding... hint hint

So today I downloaded 'What the Fonts' new improved app to my iPhone.

So far so good. Again a bit of a slow process, which is understandable. But it seems to be a very powerful little tool. There is also a forum you can jump into and upload any that the app can not recognise. This I have not tested yet.

Also a bit annoying was that there were a lot of variations in the results. Some way off, which I was hoping I could avoid. I was praying it could just pin point the font name and I could then get back to work. I went and put the kettle on, came back into the office and there it was. 5th down the list. So not complaining but being the 5 min person I am it did test my patience.

The beauty of it though was you can just take a photo with your camera

or upload a picture and crop exactly the part of the image with the font to be identified, simple. There is no time wasted there.

Once located it gives you a link to where this font could be purchased.

Mine was at myfonts.com. Mind you, I knew I had purchased this one previously but for the life of me couldn't remember where. So there was my answer. And yes I had originally purchased it at myfonts.

So now you have your font identified, have its name, either go back through your installed fonts list to check its location or do a google search to find other places you may be able to download it for free or buy on-line.

My steps this morning.

1. Photo taken on my iPhone of the laptop screen.

2. uploaded to the 'WhatTheFont' app recently downloaded

3. Cropped the area then pressed -->

3. Found!

4. Option to go to where the font is for sale to purchase. Or share with that friend (The one pulling their hair out searching) because sharing is caring... Easy.

Happy searching!

To download this nifty app straight at iTunes go to:

Note: Also available for android users

Or head to myfonts and click on the link.

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