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Multitasking TRAP!

It is so easy to fall into the multitasking trap. I could do it all day everyday if I allowed it. It is not until I pull myself up, take a deep breath and focus on the task in front of me that I realise how unaware I was that I was in that zone. Especially when you are;

  • Super busy

  • Too many jobs scheduled in

  • You are trying to please every client by delivering little snip-its

  • You get bored so jump into something more exciting leaving your current task having dribbles of your attention

  • You are still taking your messages, emails and calls while you are in the middle of your jobs because you think you HAVE TO... The list of reasons goes on.

All the while you are sipping on your coffee, one ear open to the daily news, checking emails, googling resources for the next project, shuffling your playlist and letting in the chitter chatter of your mind. Distraction CITY!

We are cutting ourselves and our clients short by not focusing on the job at hand.

Here is a good quick read by Dr Greg Wells if you too get sucked into the multitasking vortex


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