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Marketing weaknesses and strengths

So what forms of marketing works for you? More so (what I'm really getting at) what's your weakest area in your business when it comes to your marketing/advertising?

Mine is when I went though these doors to do a little of my own today. What I have been putting off.. Cold calling. It was a little scary, I was very rusty and came across (I am sure) very nervous and dweeb like haha.... It's not like riding a bike, it's not..... It's been over 20 years since I had done this form of marketing, way back when I was in a sign writing business. Door to door introducing myself and our services. Any new businesses or contacts I do work for now Is almost always through word of mouth so when I greet new people through others it's with confidence as I've been highly recommended by other business people I do regular advertising or design work for. - As they say "you are only as good as the last job you've done" Well that's what I believe anyway. But being in a new area I thought I should get out and introduce myself. But cold calling? Not my strong point by far. I find it a little cheeky and intrusive to others time and also I am a little shy when meeting new people. Put your visual marketing in my hands and I'm in my element. I have to say though, being in a new area and being greeted by the warm and friendly business owners and employees today was reassuring that I am in the right place.

Now to get back in front of the computer where I belong.

Have a great day :) Happy marketing



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