8 Jan 2016

Have an idea... Not sure where to go from here? 

Firstly as the New Year has started you may have had business ideas that you wanted to launch earlier but as 2015 slipped away you are thinking now has to be the time. And you are right. Some businesses are at their busiest so are time poor and in need of someone to come up with their marketing campaign (that is where I can help) and some are quiet. If you are in your quiet time then maybe now...

9 Dec 2015

While creating a quick facebook post one morning last month an article by Jayne Tancred popped up in the news feed.

Titled'Do you love your logo?'

What great timing. She wrote exactly what was on my mind at the time.

This piece is perfectly written from a business owners point of view, not a graphic designer about how your logo represents you and your business. It is well worth a read.

I can not stress enough about the importan...

2 Jul 2015

We all can over do it sometimes. Thinking more is... well more... but all the fancy confusing fonts can do your advertising more harm than good.

Keeping your advertising clean with easy to read type is your best option for people to stay interested in reading what you have to say or what you are selling.

Leave the fancy fonts to the Logos and Display type headings.

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