22 Dec 2017

So many hours can be burnt up scrolling through the net trying to identify a type face. You exhaust the font sites, look through your sign programs list of 1000's, text your mates in the industry a photo with the hope someone recognises it and gets back to you ASAP with a name for this mysterious font, that by the way most times you know, may have used before but just can't quite put your finger on it. The frustration! And in just about ever...

15 Jun 2017

It is so easy to fall into the multitasking trap. I could do it all day everyday if I allowed it. It is not until I pull myself up, take a deep breath and focus on the task in front of me that I realise how unaware I was that I was in that zone. Especially when you are;

  • Super busy

  • Too many jobs scheduled in

  • You are trying to please every client by delivering little snip-its

  • You get bored so jump into somethin...

3 May 2017

That fact alone is why I feel so strongly about making sure your business will be seen in a positive, effective way.

So why is it so important to start with a great logo?

- First impressions are powerful and can be ever lasting

We are known to judge very quickly. Plus we are very visual and tend to make decisions on the spot. So why not take advantage of this by getting noticed in a positive light, looking successful, appealing and approachable...

25 Jan 2016

So what forms of marketing works for you? More so (what I'm really getting at) what's your weakest area in your business when it comes to your marketing/advertising?

Mine is when I went though these doors to do a little of my own today. What I have been putting off.. Cold calling. It was a little scary, I was very rusty and came across (I am sure) very nervous and dweeb like haha.... It's not like riding a bike, it's not..... It's been over 2...

8 Jan 2016

Have an idea... Not sure where to go from here? 

Firstly as the New Year has started you may have had business ideas that you wanted to launch earlier but as 2015 slipped away you are thinking now has to be the time. And you are right. Some businesses are at their busiest so are time poor and in need of someone to come up with their marketing campaign (that is where I can help) and some are quiet. If you are in your quiet time then maybe now...

9 Dec 2015

While creating a quick facebook post one morning last month an article by Jayne Tancred popped up in the news feed.

Titled'Do you love your logo?'

What great timing. She wrote exactly what was on my mind at the time.

This piece is perfectly written from a business owners point of view, not a graphic designer about how your logo represents you and your business. It is well worth a read.

I can not stress enough about the importan...

2 Jul 2015

We all can over do it sometimes. Thinking more is... well more... but all the fancy confusing fonts can do your advertising more harm than good.

Keeping your advertising clean with easy to read type is your best option for people to stay interested in reading what you have to say or what you are selling.

Leave the fancy fonts to the Logos and Display type headings.

23 Jun 2015

It is a shame when you see good people waste their hard earned money on signs that just do not work for their business because of poor colour contrast and combinations. 
Most people may not think on this too much or even notice unless it is pointed out.

But WE notice. Plus you DO notice good designs that works. 
You CAN actually read it... And easily from a distance
It is frustrating to me to see a great businesses not get their message acros...

15 Jun 2015

This is a very broad subject that could have me here writing a long list of do's and don'ts in logo design. But then again I am not wanting to give all my secrets away.

Best thing you can do is when you look at someones logo just notice if it does actually work for them.

Can you see and recognise their logo/branding easily?

If so then this is a logo at work! 

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